The Power of AI: 


Google is our ultimate choice for quick and accurate answers, whether it's about personal or professional matters. No other search engine comes close.

There’s a reason, it is called one of the best search engines among others – there are over 1 billion people who are using Google as a search engine and its other products and services to get by!

An experimental feature uses generative AI to improve search results. It provides AI-generated summaries of relevant information for specific queries.

What is Google Search Generative Experience (SGE)?

This showcases the impact of advanced search and interface features on user experience. The summary, presented in clear and simple language, may also feature multimedia content & etc.

With Google’s new breakthrough in the AI industry, you can reimagine the way search engines work and can help users.

Examples of how SGE Response to Various Types of Searches

Upon asking general queries like, “What is Google Bard?” it will showcase a descriptive AI-generated summary of what is Google Bard, how it works, and when it was developed.

SGE for General Queries


SEJ also experimented with local searches like “top Italian restaurants in Phoenix,” and the results were amazing. Just like the traditional search result.

SGE for Local Search


When you search a query about the news or top stories in an industry it will combine the results of the top 5 website links and generate an AI-based summary.

SGE for News and top Stories


Search Engine Optimization or SEO has always played a major role for websites in ranking on Google’s SERP.