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Cary NC Facebook Ads And Retargeting

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Facebook Ads And Retargeting

Facebook ads are one of the most popular ways businesses choose to advertise themselves. It is easy to see why — Facebook themselves report that over 2 billion people per month use Facebook. This staggering number of users means that there are always going to be people that any company can potentially sell to. Just imagine where your business could go with just a small percentage of those users coming directly to your website.

Creating a Facebook ads account to put your name out there is one of the best decisions you can make in digital marketing. Playing your cards right means returns on your investment — and today we will be focusing on one of the best aspects of Facebook marketing: ad retargeting.

What Are Retargeting Campaigns?

Have you noticed sometimes when you visit a website that is new to you, that you get banner ads for that very site later on when you are on another site? This is called ad retargeting, and it is a highly effective form of digital marketing and one of the features Facebook Ads offers to businesses looking to increase traffic.


Ad retargeting campaigns involve showing ads to people who have visited your website in the past. This is done by planting a browser cookie on those visitors who will later see displayed advertisements about the business when they visit Facebook.


Approximately, only 2 percent of first-time website visitors make a purchase. What ad retargeting aims to do is have those previous visitors come back — effectively increasing the chances of a purchase. There are many people who are interested in what you are offering, but may not be ready to make a purchase at that moment. You are likely competing with much larger brands, and so it is critical that your potential customers remember that you exist when they are ready to commit.


Perhaps that one person makes a purchase, loves the service or product they receive, and they direct their friends and followers to your website. This is a very real scenario, especially for businesses seen as “hidden gems”. That is the type of scenario retargeting can provide, and what it is your business is hoping to achieve.

How Do I Run Facebook Retargeting Campaigns?

Many people ask “how do I run a Facebook retargeting campaign”, and the answer is, it’s complicated. While you can try and run one on your own, you will likely struggle to be successful. The process of setting up the campaign is easy. It’s getting the process right and in front of the right audience that’s complicated.


Here are the basic steps you will need to do to get the information set up:

  • Set up a Facebook Ads Manager Account
  • Maneuver to Audiences and Create a Custom Audience
  • Pick the Traffic You Want to Target


If you do not have the Facebook code on your website, you will not be able to retarget. Plus, certain industries are not allowed to retarget their customers without getting their permission first, such as financial institutions. However, if you have all this set up beforehand, then your retargeting campaign should have no hiccups.


The problem is not that business owners are incapable of running their own retargeting campaign. The issue is making sure you get the right people added to your campaign. You need to create your ideal audience target and focus on that set of specific information. This is where we come in. We can take the information you have and create the perfect campaign. Our Facebook ads manager will work with you to help manage your Ads Manager account and make sure everything is set up properly, so you have nothing to worry about, other than running your business.

What Is A Facebook Ads Manager Account?

A Facebook Ads Manager account is your hub for managing all aspects of your Facebook Ads. You can create ads, see reports, and have your website interact with Facebook Ads. However, it can be incredibly difficult, not to mention expensive, to get right.

Choosing to go with a Facebook Ads manager in Cary NC service will take the heavy lifting out of this. Searchific offers this service to clients who are in need of effective ad creation and management.

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