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What Is A PPC Agency?

To first understand what a PPC agency does, you have to understand how it can benefit your business.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, and it does what it sounds like– you are purchasing visits to your website. But why would you want to pay people to come to your website? Aren’t the visitors supposed to provide potential revenue?

While it sounds like the exact opposite of what you want to be doing, PPC is designed to get more people to your website so it increases the chances of a purchase. You are paying, for example — Google, to display your ad to a large audience that is actively looking for what you are offering.

It is an effective marketing strategy, and if you play it right, you’ll see substantially more visitors and revenue. Effectively mitigating the slight cost when someone clicks on your ad. Working with a specialized Google PPC Agency, or a pay per click expert, in general, can bring you the results that you thought you could only dream of.

A PPC agencies in Lubbock handle the responsibilities that relate to this SEO service such as finding the most effective keywords people are searching for that relate to your business, monitoring campaigns so they are effective (making adjustments as necessary), and creating new ads.

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Which Are The Best PPC Services In Lubbock?

There are a lot of different Lubbock PPC management services to choose from. You want to choose a company that has a history of satisfied clients and it is important to remember that an ad management agency is handling how the world is first introduced to your business.

What we can say is that Searchific is incredibly dedicated in providing top-notch SEO services — including PPC. The long list of clients that we have helped boost their business and make their dreams of a booming business reality are the result of a deep understanding of what SEO services require. When looking for a PPC company in Lubbock to work with your business, you couldn’t ask for a more reliable option that you deserve.

Google Adwords Marketing Services

As touched on above, there are plenty of companies offering PPC services. There are many businesses out there that are trying to get their foot in the door and this means that there is always someone to work with.


There are definitely other advertising platforms to choose from besides Google such as Facebook Ads. But if you are like a lot of people, you understand the significance of having a presence on Google as it is the default go-to and only search engine for a lot of people. Searchific works with Google Adwords and is experienced with the ins and outs of the platform. If you are looking for a pay per click expert — do keep that in mind.

What Companies Use Pay Per Click?

PPC is an extremely common form of digital marketing, it is likely that you are clicking on at least one PPC ad a day. The big-name brands that you know such as Apple, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola are utilizing PPC. This form of SEO is for everybody — and nobody is too big to not utilize a PPC agency in Lubbock!


Pay per click advertising is not just effective for rising businesses — it also helps companies retain their status when people search for certain keywords. An example of this would be if you were to search “laptops for sale” on Google. You may see companies such as Lenovo and Best Buy in the search engine ads.

What Are The Two Types Of Remarketing That Can Be Used In Google Display Ads.

There are multiple styles of remarketing that you can utilize. We have already covered the standard way that involves showing ads to people that have visited your website — but there are 2 additional ways of using remarketing to your advantage.


The first is called dynamic remarketing. Online shops love to use this form of remarketing because it will display ads for products that relate to what you have browsed in their shop. For example, if you heavily browsed for a new keyboard on Amazon, you may receive banner ads that list different keyboards in the store. This is a great thing to have as an online store as it can show interesting products in your store that people may have missed on their last visit.


The second form is known as video remarketing. If you have a YouTube channel, then this is worth looking into. It works similarly to standard remarketing in that people who have watched your YouTube videos or YouTube ads will see ads for your business.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

We have discussed what an Lubbock PPC company does and how they can help you achieve major results for your business. A top-level PPC company will have digital marketing experts who understand search-engine-optimization, what your competitors are doing, and how to get your business ahead.


There are different pricing models that PPC agencies use. One of the more common ones is called “percentage of ad spending”. This involves paying a percentage of your spending on ads. The next is flat-fee pricing, where the rates are fixed each month and are a result of the workload.

Next, we have performance-based pricing. Agencies are paid based on their client’s performance — for example, the more sales a client makes, the more the funds the agency receives. Each agency works differently in the end in terms of pricing model and depending on the size, budget, and even the way your company operates (do you have seasonal promotions for example?). One pricing model might be excellent while the other isn’t affordable or workable.

If you are interested in getting started, there is no better time than now. Contact us about what you are looking for and we will work with you!

We Deliver Results

Imagine What Success In Your Business Will Look Like…

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