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7 Signs It’s Time to Hire an SEO Company

7 Signs It’s Time to Hire an SEO Company
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Are you feeling like maybe it’s time to hire an SEO company? Maybe you or your team are frustrated about the lack of results you’ve been getting. Or you’re thinking more about boosting organic traffic, wondering, “Should I hire an SEO company?”

If you’re tired of staring at your website—desperately hoping it will magically climb the ranks of Google and bring in more traffic—it might be time to hire an SEO company.

But you might also be thinking, “Why would I need to pay someone else to do something I can do myself?”

We get it. Not everyone needs to outsource SEO. But even the best entrepreneurs, the go-getters, DIY enthusiasts and one-person armies need some support sometimes. Especially since SEO is a special kind of beast.

SEO agencies can be like a knight in shining armor, a secret weapon in the battle for online supremacy. These people eat, breathe and sleep SEO. They can help unravel the mysteries of search engine algorithms and can optimize your website like a pro.

We’re going to walk you through the signs that it might be time for you to outsource your SEO. The answer depends on a lot of factors and isn’t always a clear-cut yes.

When Should You Hire an SEO Company?

Here are seven signs that you should strongly consider outsourcing your SEO.

1) If your company is committed to SEO

This first sign might sound counter-intuitive, but stick with us. We’ll explain what we mean.

How much is SEO a priority for your company, including its leadership and management? If your company is serious about using SEO to bring in more organic traffic, this could be a good sign you should hire an SEO company to supercharge your efforts.

Even if you hire an SEO agency, they won’t be able to do everything on their own. They will need your support, data and buy-in from your company and leadership to show results. In other words, even with an SEO company, you are still going to put in some time and effort internally.

Related to this, if you have a good foundation of data and can trust it, you’re also a good candidate to use an SEO company. This is because they will need your company’s data to make more informed decisions and help you. Without access to good quality metrics, an SEO company won’t be able to simply work their magic and fix everything for you.

2) You have the budget

You have the budget

How much budget does your company have for SEO? Is there a culture of outsourcing some parts of running a business—or will it be an uphill battle to get the budget approved for an SEO company? Who are the decision-makers involved in getting money for SEO, and how do they feel about it?

If you have room in your budget, this is a sign you might want to hire an SEO company. After all, if you find the right one, they should be making more money for you than what they are charging. The ROI (return on investment) will be worth it. (If you’re wondering how much an SEO company costs, we’ll cover that in a bit.)

3) Your organic traffic numbers aren’t what they should be

SEO is all about organic traffic. As opposed to paid media, where you are bringing people directly to your website or your landing page, SEO is a longer and somewhat more complicated game.

If you’re not happy with the results you’ve been getting in your own SEO efforts and feel like your traffic should be higher, it’s probably time to call in the experts.

They can look at the big-picture of your content strategy and see where the gaps are. They can pinpoint where you should focus your efforts, help with keyword research and get your website ranking a lot higher. And that traffic will then turn into real sales and drive your business forward.

SEO is constantly changing and it can be really hard to stay on top of it. This is where an SEO company can help a lot.

4) You don’t have the time or energy internally to do effective SEO

What’s the size of your company? How stretched thin is your staff? Are marketers being asked to do SEO on the side, and being expected to do too much?

If you don’t have the resources to devote to a solid SEO strategy, you should outsource it. Every company involved in e-commerce and digital marketing needs to be using SEO. In today’s crowded and competitive Internet age, you can’t afford to let SEO fall by the wayside.

Bringing in an outside SEO company can relieve your employees and let them focus on their actual job instead of learning SEO.

5) You don’t have enough SEO knowledge or time to keep up with the industry

Not having enough time

This sign is related to the previous one. If you feel like you can’t keep up with industry changes like SEO algorithm updates, it’s a good sign you should hire an SEO company.

Search engines like Google update their algorithms a lot with all kinds of new changes. And they don’t typically announce what they changed. So industry experts have to try to figure out through investigation and research what might have been tweaked. This is not an easy task.

If you don’t really have the time internally to keep up with these changes, it’s better to lean on someone else. Algorithm changes can play a massive role in the success of your business if your traffic suddenly crashes. SEO experts can figure out what you need to do to get things back up again.

6) You’re going through a company rebrand or are redesigning your website

If you’re in the process of redesigning your company’s website, or are in the middle of rebranding, this might be a good time to hire an SEO company.

It’s kind of like when you’re moving to a different house. Most people take the opportunity to get rid of some stuff. Or it’s like spring cleaning. The same can be true for website maintenance or rebranding.

While your company is redesigning the website, the SEO company can come alongside you and make suggestions to improve and optimize the new one for higher traffic. You’re already going through a complex and time-consuming process, so this is usually a good time to bring in some extra support.

7) If you’re using multiple different marketing channels

If you are diversifying your marketing strategy and using a mix of paid media, SEO, social media, etc., you might want to consider using an SEO company that can really focus on just SEO. This is because you could be spread too thin with your efforts internally with multiple marketing channels.

The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

If you do end up hiring an SEO company, here’s what you can expect. It comes with a ton of benefits if you go down this route.

Having SEO experts in your corner can help you:

  • Boost your website’s visibility and authority
  • Drive organic traffic
  • Create higher-quality content
  • Bring more awareness to your brand
  • Bring in more conversions and sales
  • Level up all the technical aspects of SEO
  • Come up with a big-picture content strategy
  • Set organic traffic goals and project revenue

An SEO company can also help you learn a lot more about your audience. Through keyword research and other traffic insights, you’ll start to get a much better feel for what your target audience wants and needs.

Things to Keep in Mind If You Hire an SEO Company

Now that you know some of the signs that it’s time to hire an SEO company, here are a few things to watch out for when you are researching companies.

First, remember that any good SEO company is going to partner with you for success. They can’t do everything for your website and business on their own. It’s a collaboration. You can’t expect them to magically fix all your website issues overnight. Expect it to take some time before you see solid results, even when you outsource it.

Things to Keep in Mind If You Hire an SEO Company

Also, don’t get locked into a long-term contract with an SEO company. You want to work with one for a certain amount of time to get results, but you also want to have some flexibility to stop using them.

You should also interview SEO companies to see if they are a good culture fit. Does their vision align with where you want to take your company? Do their values match your own company’s values? Make sure you find an SEO company that you feel good about or it could sour the relationship from the start.

Finally, how much focus does the SEO company have on your bottom line? The most important thing to your company is probably boosting revenue. If they aren’t putting their effort into that, you might want to find a new SEO company.

If you’re serious about taking your online presence to the next level and want to dominate the digital landscape, then hiring an SEO company is the way to go.

How Much Does an SEO Company Cost?

Hiring an SEO company does come with a price tag. But it’s an investment in the long-term growth of your company.

The cost of hiring an SEO company depends on a ton of factors. SEO agencies can cost anywhere from $500-$15,000 a month. It depends on how much support you need, the size of your business and the size and location of your target audience.

And if there is an agency you like, but you can’t afford them right now, you can always negotiate with them for a shorter window of work to help you get your SEO off the ground.

If you are getting sticker shock from an agency’s price tag, you could also hire an SEO expert internally or an SEO consultant to help patch some gaps. But you’re typically going to see more results with a full agency.

Another good tactic is to use an SEO agency for a shorter period, prove to your leadership that you’re getting much better results, and then hire the agency for a longer contract. Basically proving with a short experiment that this stuff is worth it.

You might not be able to afford the most expensive SEO agency out there. But you also don’t want to hire the cheapest one.

Is Searchific Right for You?

If you’re not happy with the SEO results you’re getting, it’s probably a good idea to bring in some extra support. Instead of spending hours trying to crack the SEO code with only minimal results, leaving it to the experts can let you focus your energy on what you do best.

Now the question is if Searchific is right for your needs. We partner with our clients to tailor a content strategy to their specific needs. We are highly collaborative and have some of the best SEO experts around who can help you supercharge your organic traffic.

Don’t spend another day feeling trapped in a never-ending maze of confusing SEO strategies and endless keyword research.

Schedule a free call with us to see if we’re right for you. Let us use our digital marketing expertise to help you maintain a strong online presence, build your brand’s awareness, drive traffic and increase sales. Hiring an SEO company like Searchific could launch your business to the next level of growth.