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Free Organic Traffic Hacks: Strategies To Drive More Visitors To Your Site

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Does the question of how to get free organic traffic plague your mind whenever you check the weekly sales report? No matter the scale of your business operations, you do not have to invest a huge amount of money in order to realize this dream of yours.

It could be the high bounce rates or not-so-relevant keywords that are cutting your traffic volume. Find out the problems using Google Analytics and use the following hacks to get more visitors to your website.

Why Do You Need More Traffic?

Well, it’s a little mathematical. The total traffic volume that your website receives is never the number of conversions you get to see on the dashboard analysis. What does this convey to you? It delivers a simple message – a certain percentage of the total traffic volume finally clicks on the checkout button and proceeds with the payment.

Therefore, the higher the total traffic volume, the bigger the chunk of revenue. This is only one part of it. More traffic also means more brand awareness, better market penetration, more visibility, and improved engagement of the target audience.

With more people visiting your website every day, you can plan for growth and expansion in the long run. So, does it sound tempting now?

Channels That Help Drive Traffic To Your Site

Several channels contribute to the overall growth of traffic volume. From blog posts to preparing email lists, the ways remain diverse. Here is a list of the commonly used tools to attract more traffic to your website. Wait, did you just think of the cost and thought it to be beyond your budget? Relax…most of these are free.

  • Online directory listings
  • Off-page SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogging

You can attract more visitors to your website using all these channels. So, augmenting website traffic volume is not all about search engine optimization alone. It is a multidimensional process and every lateral contributes substantially and complements the contribution of other laterals at the same time.

The cherry on top is that this list is not complete and exhaustive. This means that there remain several other channels through which more traffic can pour into your website and inundate it with visitors.

How To Get Free Organic Traffic – A Few Smart Hacks

Now that you know why you need more traffic you surely would love to understand how you can do it. The number of channels capable of transforming your business volume within weeks simply by driving more people to visit your portal might overwhelm you initially.

When you know how to use these channels for your business interest, this multidimensional process becomes quite fathomable.

1. Optimize Your Business Profile On Google

Optimize Your Business Profile On Google

Google is becoming cleverer and smarter with every passing. So, your business profile should remain optimized in order to make the best of Google’s provisions. Typically, a business profile offers all the necessary information and detail about the business that a target customer might be looking for.

This list of information often includes products, offers, contact details, owner’s details, etc. If your Google Business Profile is incomplete or lacks any information that most customers find critical, waste no time and update it immediately.

Many customers do not visit your website simply because you keep the business profile void of the necessary information. Always remember that before a customer visits your page, it is necessary to build a bond of trust with them.

For online businesses, this initial trust-building relies on business profiles. Therefore, make no mistake and keep your business profile complete and informative to drive more traffic to your business. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using Google Business Profile.

  • It is free and you can set it up effortlessly. Even though Google listing comes with a lot of benefits, you get it for free. Additionally, even a person with limited knowledge of technology and tools can create a business profile on Google minus any hassle.
  • Business profiles on Google help route organic search traffic to your business based on the information provided by you.
  • Potential customers get to see your business more frequently when you optimize your Google Business Profile. With increased visibility, its traffic volume skyrockets.
  • Google Business profile helps get traffic interested to buy the products and services you deal with. For physical shops, Google also keeps the location factor in mind.
  • Customers can post feedback and reviews on your profile which often helps establish your brand’s trustworthiness in the market. As a result, more people find your business reliable and your organic traffic volume increases.
  • You can also add pictures of your shop (if any) or products to your business profile to make the business more credible and reliable for the customers. Especially for online businesses without any brick-and-mortar existence, the primary struggle to attract more traffic remains credibility. Visuals can be an effective way to deal with it.

2. Try On-Page SEO

Several SEO tools can swell the volume of traffic on your website. For each page of your portal, you can do one or many such tricks at any time. Here are a few ways to use SEO effectively to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

  • Keyword Selection: Keywords are critical for on-page optimizations. Suppose you sell handbags online. Now, a customer willing to buy a bag will search with the phrases like bags for women, fancy bags, leather bags, tote bags, etc. You must know all the relevant keywords that your customers use for searching the products. This will help you develop relevant content integrating those keywords so that when someone searches with that keyword, the search engine pulls your website out and shows it to your potential customer.
  • Content Optimization: Stuffing keywords into your content is harmless, even great at times. But, not knowing the exact number of keywords in content will either make it keyword deficient or keyword infested. Both are not healthy for your SEO outcomes. Therefore, the best way would be to follow the thumb rule – the number of keywords should be 10% of the total word count of the content. Additionally, you should also be careful about their natural integration. No keyword should ever appear irrelevant or forcefully included in the content. Knowing the right way to integrate keywords will help you optimize your content effectively.
  • Internal Links: Hyperlinking certain words or phrases can help the customers explore your website better. If you wish to enhance your website’s conversion rates, keeping internal links integrated with the content can be helpful in many ways. Recollect how many times you have ended up buying something you did not leave home for. It must be quite a few times. It is entirely usual to go to the market to buy a pair of shoes and then return home with a designer dress. Similarly, keep multiple words hyperlinked with other internal pages of your website so that customers get transported to those pages. Your customers might find something more fascinating there and buy it. In simple words, when you give your customers more options, the chance of a final purchase increases. Internal links help in this process.
  • Meta Tags: Meta tags refer to the chunk of text that appears right below the website URL. Make sure to frame this Meta tag or Meta description keywords integrated. If the Meta tag does not have a keyword, search engines will fail to pull your website to the top position. Once your website URL appears on the top, customers will also read the Meta description to get an idea of your business. Therefore, Meta tags are often the first encounter between the business and the customer. As you know, the first impression often lasts longer. Therefore, make sure that the Meta description is not just a few lines about your business or products. It should be a text engaging and intriguing enough to snatch your customer’s attention and drive them to your website. Get to know the right ways to frame a Meta description or consult professionals for the task.

3. Use Social Media Platforms Strategically

Use Social Media Platforms Strategically

Social media channels can be an excellent means of attracting more customers to your website. No matter the target audience your products and services cater to, you will find a fair share of them present and active on various social media platforms.

Therefore, reaching people becomes easier when you access social media platforms. Keep the following things in mind while using social media platforms for traffic generation.

  • Multi-Platform Presence: Make sure to be present at least on three or four platforms simultaneously. Your customers might not use a single platform. In fact, the law of exclusivity will also apply here. Some customers will be on FaceBook while others will remain active on Instagram. So, leaving anyone behind would only cost you the attention of potential customers.
  • Use Videos and Images: Text and long write-ups are the last instruments you should try for social media platforms. Studies suggest that when people come across long-form content on social media platforms, they generally skip it. On the other hand, when users notice video content or captivating images, they generally get involved with the post. Therefore, post videos, and images related to your products, services, etc., to augment customer engagement.
  • Run Campaigns: Campaigns are excellent for customer engagement. People inadvertently get involved with social media campaigns and end up registering with websites and even buying products at times. This can be a good way to increase conversion as it taps even those customers who do not have immediate purchase plans.

Social media marketing can be a simple but effective way to magnify your organic traffic volume within a short time. A combination of effective content strategy and immaculate social media marketing moves can help you expand your business faster.

4. Invest Time In Building Backlinks

Invest Time In Building Backlinks

Backlinks back your business in two ways. To begin with, backlinks are links to your website that appear on other websites. For example, if you sell sports shoes, a blog post on another website dealing in health drinks can have the phrase sports shoe hyperlinked to your website.

Since the product categories are not very different here, the backlinks might route many customers looking for fitness products. Running shoes, sports shoes, etc., are undoubtedly indispensable for those customers.

Similarly, you can also associate with social media influencers to promote your products or services. They will backlink your website URL in their social media post. The entire group of followers of the influencer will then become your potential customer. Therefore, your customer base widens when you opt for backlinks.

Secondly, when you use backlinks, Google also finds your business more credible. Therefore, SERPs keep your website at the top of the result list. This again enhances your website’s visibility and credibility and helps more people to explore your website.

When your website’s ranking improves, the traffic volume automatically increases. The easiest and most effortless way to achieve a higher rank can be by using backlinks. It is more like using others’ market reach and hold for your business and its growth.

5. Increase Your Online Activity

You can always remain active on online platforms without paying for it. Suppose you run a travel agency. In that case, you have to find groups, blogs, and communities related to traveling. Once you have located such associations, you can start interacting by answering the comments asking for information. You can even paste your website URL there.

Many people from communities will surely visit your portal and show interest in your services. The critical part here remains to identify the groups and communities that would be best for your business. However, this process needs continuity. This means that you cannot go poof in thin air after interacting for a few days.

The process must go on if you want steady traffic augmentation. If yours is a start-up enterprise, you can manage this alone or hire one or two employees for the task depending on your budget.

But, for large-scale companies, the social media management team can have dedicated members for this. The higher the interaction, the better will be the traffic volume.

6. Go For Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are critical for any online portal. Your website must have all the relevant keywords embedded in it if you wish to augment your traffic volume. Long-tail keywords are longer than the regular short phrases that people widely use to search for any product or service.

Suppose a customer is looking for ways to make dog food at home. Chances are more that the customer will use a phrase like “dog food” or “dog food preparation “to search for it. But, some customers will also take the pain and write the entire phrase “how to make dog food at home”.

Now if you use the first two varieties in your website content and leave the last one, you will undoubtedly lose a certain percentage of customers. This is why the use of long tail keywords is necessary.

With voice assistance apps making searching easier than ever, people are now looking for products and services online using long tail keywords. Additionally, short keywords are common and popular choices that all businesses use.

Therefore, you can expect the customers to use “dog feed” as the keyword exploring your rival sites as well. Integrating long-tail keywords makes a part of your traffic quite exclusive to your portal.

Therefore, this portion of customers makes your traffic competitively edged. The best to use these keywords would be to combine them with short keywords in an eighty-twenty ratio. Look for effective and reliable keyword ranking tools to pick the best short and long tail keywords and your website’s traffic will swell.

7. Try Email Marketing

Yes, email marketing has been there in the market for quite some time now. Over the years, marketing operations and strategies have evolved. Today, social media platforms are one of the most effective channels to keep your customers engaged.

But, do not forget about email marketing in the hustle of adopting the latest methods. Sometimes a tried technique turns out to be more effective than a new one. Moreover, with an investment ROI ratio of 1:36, email marketing is definitely a must-try short for all businesses looking for higher traffic volume.

However, email marketing can be of various types based on what you wish your customers to know about your business. Here are the three most common types of emails for different marketing purposes.

Promotional emails: Promotional emails work best when you have something new or lucrative for the customers. For example, if your website is running a discount offer deal or you have launched a new collection, use a promotional email for capturing the attention of all your customers.

Information emails: Informational emails generally contain information about additions and deletions from your product catalog. If your business organizes a seminar or service change, you can circulate emails to announce them.

Suppose you have news to share with your customers or you want them updated about your business’s quarterly performances. In this case, you can send emails entailing important news updates to your customers from time to time.

These emails undoubtedly keep your customers attached to your brand and help them develop a sense of trust in your products.

Reengagement emails: Every business has customers who remain dormant for a long time. Suppose a customer purchased from you one year ago and since then the customer has been inactive on your platform. This is when re-engagement emails might help.

These emails help make several old customers return to your website. While focusing on gaining new customers is a necessary aim, forgetting about the old ones will eat up the bandwidth of total customers.

So, the next time you ask your marketing team the question, “Why do you need email marketing in 2023”, consider these factors carefully.

8. What About Adding A Few HashTags

What About Adding A Few HashTags

When you tap the source of social media platforms, get used to the ways of these channels. Hashtags can be a smart way to turn all eyes to your business. No matter the post or the content on your website, make sure to add a relevant hashtag to your post.

Search for the most trending hashtags and use them properly. Be it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, hashtags will always pour in more traffic to your website. Search with the keyword “how hashtags can help inflate traffic” and you will find expert tips to do it impeccably.

Suppose you deal in textiles. You can add hashtags like textile, cotton, natural fabric, etc., to engage more people using the same hashtags. This way, you can extend your business reach unimaginably and across borders.

9. Pay Attention To Analytics

Google Analytics is almost an indispensable tool these days for all businesses to know their businesses better. Before you augment the traffic generation process, you need to know the current situation.

Google Analytics helps enterprises find out where the business lacks, the number of customers paying regular visits, the point at which most attrition takes place, and much more. This will give an insight which in turn will help you devise the most appropriate strategy to inflate the traffic.

Time always remains a big factor for all businesses. If you do not know the points that repel your customers and compel them to leave your website, you will probably try your luck with inept solutions. This will drain your money and resources and leave you in the same position where you started.

Final Words

Augmenting your website traffic is possible and it would not always cost you a lot of money if you can follow the tricks mentioned above. More traffic always enhances your chance of realizing expansion dreams. Therefore, check the smart hacks for how to get free organic traffic and implement them carefully. You can also take the help of the experts to understand your business better and reach the zenith easily.