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9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Site’s SEO in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Boost Your Sites SEO
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After all, SEO is an unpredictable territory for all, no matter how long you have been exploring it. For beginners, especially, the game is a little tougher to start with and play as you go. You need to take a proactive approach towards website SEO and ensure that your website aligns with all the ranking rules and guidelines by Google. But is SEO all about following Google commands blindly?

Well, if it would be that simple, every website would be ranked #1 on the SERPs. Developing a deep understanding of SEO and how Google operates is imperative to ace the game.

Again, you need to be continuous with your efforts to SEO if you want top ranks on search results. For this, you must be aware of the latest development, tweak the website elements accordingly and continue monitoring and updating.

If this sounds difficult, let us add that there are ways to ensure you have the best website SEO in your domain. We have ways and methods that help you boost your website SEO by spending just 10 minutes a day.

We will walk you through search engine optimization, step-by-step. By the end of this guide, you will have a sufficient understanding of SEO and some handy tips to design your unique SEO strategy.

The right way to start this guide is to discuss the basics. So, before we talk about how to master search engines with some easy tips, we must discuss SEO at length beginning with What SEO is.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to develop a clear understanding of SEO, you must first learn how search engines work. Leading search engines have hundreds of websites covering the same topics, offering similar services, and promoting similar content. Search Engines like Google & Bing diligently index the webpages to make a digital directory.

As soon as you launch a website or add to an existing website, the search engine releases its bots which crawl the content to gain an understanding of what you offer and promote. The information is then assessed to index you in the right category and right rank. The bots focus on all aspects of the information including text, structure, and non-text content, and weigh the contextualized information based on different factors including relevance and authority.

SEO is the tool that you can use to help search engines understand your website better. It makes an easy path for the search engine to crawl through your website and rank you for relevance, information, and authoritativeness.

Each page is indexed individually which means you need to be very particular about how you make your SEO stronger.

Why is SEO important?

On the internet, it is a game for traffic for businesses seeking growth through visibility. The more traffic you get, the better conversion ratio you would maintain and secure great revenues.

Now, data suggests that over 64% of organic traffic on a website comes from search queries. Focusing on your SEO is very important if you want to tap on this 64% of traffic and SEO is the way to it.

SEO determines your web ranking and if you are not in the top 10, you have no or very little chance of getting noticed.

Users choose a service/ product provider from the first page of the SERPs and seldom venture to the second or third. Take your example, how often do you read the search results beyond the first page?

It is all SEO that creates and maintains your website ranking which then determines which search page you appear on and how much traffic you draw.

You need to aim to be on the top page and the first page of the search engine result to secure increased traffic and conversion. Once you understand the importance of SEO you can have the answer to your initial question- How can I improve my SEO for beginners?

Beginners guide to boosting the SEO:

To achieve success in SEO, you must first satisfy the fundamental needs. The aim is to make it easy for your target customers to find you and transact with you. For this, you need to be consistent with your approach to SEO. This does not mean you have to spend all day battling with SEO complexities. A simple 10- minutes a day schedule for SEO can easily help you boost your ranking to the desired levels.

Here are 9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Site’s SEO in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Proven Ways to Boost Your Sites SEO

Relevant, informative, and authoritative content is the key

Content makes a huge part of your SEO strategy and there is no substitute for it. Posting high-quality, informative, and authoritative content can affect your SEO ranking, placing you on the top ranks. Posting quality content that is specifically created for your target audience contributes to better visibility on the internet as it qualifies you as an authoritative and relevant business. enhancing your writing and researching skills can help you gain authority in your domain.

  • Keywords:Keywords are the most crucial factor to consider when working on content. Target keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your user and domain make your content authoritative and eligible to lead. If you are answering, how can I improve my SEO for beginners? You must direct the novice to take a user-centric approach to identify the target keywords for your business and use search terms or phrases that are simple, frequently used, and page specific.
  • Multiple keyword phrases:Using several keyword phrases is important but to achieve the desired ranking results, the multiple keyword phrases you use must be interconnected. Ensure that the phrases are linked in terms of their intent. If you have multiple keyword phrases that are not similar, it is best to create different pages for each keyword.
  • Keyword placement:Assessing your keyword placement frequently is important. You must ensure that you have the right keyword in the page URL, page title, page headings, and subheadings. While using the phrase in all these places is important, you must ensure that the placement is natural and user-friendly. Keyword stuffing is the worst thing you could do to your SEO. As keywords tend to change, a cursory glance at what the trending keyword is and changing it in your SEO is imperative.
  • Keyword-rich content:Using the target content in your content efficiently is important. Smart usage of keywords in the content boosts your SEO credibility. Whenever you are posting a new content piece or upgrading an existing one, make sure you have the target keyword in several places throughout the content including the first and last paragraph, heading and subheadings, and article body. For example, ‘how can I improve my SEO for beginners’ can be easily found 5-8 times in this content and is placed strategically to boost SEO while maintaining the natural flow of the article.

    Other than using targeted keywords, you can also revamp your website SEO by focusing on low-competition keywords. This usually means adding more direct questions in the content that your target base often asks.

    Content formatting also plays an important role so make sure you use Bold, Italics, and heading tags accordingly. Create grammatically correct and user-friendly content copy and boost your SEO easily.

    Keep these factors in mind as you post the new content, however, you must also optimize the existing content on your website. The older pages on your website can negatively affect the ranking if they have become obsolete and are no more relevant.

Focus on featured snippets

Featured snippets are an important consideration because they place you on top of the search results. If Google chooses you to be featured in the snippets, you become the first one to catch the user’s attention. Featured snippets are the large boxes that appear on the top of SERPs showcasing the most relevant content for a search query.

If you are planning to get a featured snippet, you must be very considerate about the structure, content, and quality of your web page.

To begin with, you must have a page with proper sections and a heading describing each section. The H1, H2, and H3 tags help you a lot to get a featured snippet of your website. While you can always add the heading tags using a credible content management system, it is wise to double-check by reviewing the source code of your website page.

Level up your backlink game

Level up your backlink game

Backlinking contributes a lot to your website ranking. You cannot reach and stay at the top of SERPs by practicing best SEO practices alone. Backlinking to a high-authority website is what comes into play here. Backlinks, paired with a white hat SEO strategy can help improve the site ranking easily.

Some of the most effective link-building strategies include:

  • Use more data-driven content on your website:Content that carries data and offers factual knowledge is preferred and can earn you a lot of quality backlinks. Adding survey results, public polls, and internal and public data to the content makes it stronger and a preferred choice of webmasters.
  • Guest posting is equally important:Guest posting undisputedly is a great way to build quality links. However, it only contributes to your Google ranking if you create quality content and post it on high-authority websites.
  • Create content to link:You must focus on creating content that is more shareable and hence earns you great links. You can always target blogs and news websites for quality link-building when you have shareable content.

Image optimization is crucial

Adding a lot of images to make the content engaging and conversion-friendly is recommended. However, it won’t work without powerful image optimization if you are targeting SEO through it. Images from your website appear on the image search results which fetch you quality traffic. Images also contribute towards adding more value to your text content.

First of all, it breaks the monotony that comes with long-format content. Secondly, it creates short content sources that can be easily shared on social media or other platforms. Finally, it helps you target more keywords in the content as you are making small segments.

For effective image optimization, you must be extra careful about:

  • Maintain the size and format of the images throughout the website.
  • Adding alt image tags, image titles, and image descriptions.
  • Using images that are free from copyrights.
  • Maintain a high relevancy ratio of text to the image.
  • Manage the size of the images to not negatively affect the site loading speed.
  • Post unique photos instead of using stock images.

Maintain the site speed

Explaining the last point from the above table, let us discuss site speed. Everyone loves a quickly loading site and if you have heavy images or any other factor affecting your site speed, you are likely to lose the user. If your website loads too slowly, you can easily lose the interest of the visitor as the modern generation has a really short span of focus.

So, the more quickly your website loads, the more to keep the visitor intrigued. This is why site loading speed is considered one of the important Core Web Vitals.

There are a variety of tools that you can use to maintain a healthy site loading speed. If you have a slow loading website, be quick to remove the unnecessary elements from the website including old plug-ins, unwanted and heavy images, and more.

Work on your website graphics

Adding graphics to your website and specially long-format content is very critical. It’s the way you can make it less monotonous and more engaging. When you are adding a colorful graphic to the website, make sure you keep a few things in mind, including the size and format of the graphic, its context, ease of accessibility, and link or descriptions.

You must always test the graphics before you make them live. Both mobile and desktop friendliness is important so the test must be focused on both equally.

Trust Google Analytics for better decision-making

Do you want to know how can I improve my SEO for beginners? Well, befriend the Google analytics tool and consider your job half done. As much as you enjoy a boost in ranking, tracking the improvement is equally important. You need to ensure that the SEO tactics you have been using are reaping the fruit. An easy way to track and analyze is by using the Google Analytics tool. You can easily check how much organic traffic you got, read the user experience metrics, and define a strategy for improvement to ensure SEO improvement.

Work on the mobile-friendliness of your website

A majority of your target audience searches for you through the mobile phone. If your website is not mobile-friendly enough to accommodate your user traffic, Google would consider you a non-customer-focused business which would affect your ranking directly.

Moreover, Google has become very vigilant about the mobile version of your website and uses an index to keep a check on it.

Mobile friendliness is a vast topic that must be discussed at length. Besides checking whether your business website is mobile-friendly or not, you must also check if the website loads in due time. Longer loading time for websites on mobiles is again a big problem.

As site loading time is a Core Web Vital that affects your ranking, you must be vigilant about being a quick-loading mobile site. There are testing tools that help you check the speed of your website. You must be sure that you check it at fixed intervals.

Direct your efforts toward Local SEO

For a business that is focused on a specific geographical area, Local SEO is of great importance. More than 46% of Google queries carry a location and can be fetched through Local SEO. The better you strategize your local SEO efforts, the more you appear on local search pages. This means yours would be the business that appears on Google Maps results, local business listing results, and organic search results.

To boost your local SEO game, you must focus on the following tips:

  • Create a Google My Business profile and nurture it. Ensure to fill in all the info and keep your Google business listing up-to-date.
  • Be specific about regular posts and offers featuring on your Google My Business page
  • Optimize the content for local keywords and keep updating them.
  • Be alert, and engage with the users by responding to the reviews.
  • Check that you have the same online directory citations across the internet with a special focus on the name, address, and phone number of your business.

Bonus: Never stop learning and upgrading your SEO strategy

The first question a novice would ask himself is how can I improve my SEO for beginners. You must remember that SEO is ever-evolving, and you must focus on keeping yourself up to date. With every Google algorithm change, your SEO needs to be tweaked to stay ahead of the competition. If you are ready for continuous learning, trial and testing, and fostering creativity, you can easily maintain a top rank on Google SERP.

Final Thoughts

You do not need to spend an entire day working on your SEO if you know what to do when to do and how to do it right. We hope these 9 tips help you evolve your website SEO and earn great results. Now all you need to do is spend 10 minutes of your day working on website SEO and you can easily secure and maintain your ranking on search engine result pages.