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A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Google Verified

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Google Verified
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Are you looking to increase your visibility, credibility, and access free tools to improve your online presence? Then, getting Google Verified could be the perfect solution for your business. Not only will it provide you with powerful opportunities to reach your target market and establish yourself in the digital world, but also ensure that customers can find accurate information about your business quickly.

The challenge for businesses is going through the verification process and providing prospective customers with accurate information about the business. With no way to guarantee that customers are getting honest information, it can be challenging to build trust and credibility. That’s why verifying your business on Google needs to be a priority.

To ensure that your business’s information is accurately displayed on Google and take advantage of helpful tools, you need a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes getting verified by Google. This step-by-step guide will show you how to leverage the power of Google My Business and get your business verified in no time. Let’s get started on your journey to Google Verification!

Why Verify?

Companies that take the time to get verified on Google can access a range of powerful benefits. Here are the main advantages that come with having a verified presence on Google:

  • Boost your visibility: You can ensure that customers can find your business quickly and easily via Google Search and Maps. Through an SEO-optimized profile, customers can get all the necessary information about your business in one place.
  • Increase credibility: By having an official Google Verified status, customers will be more likely to trust you and your business as they know they can easily find accurate information about you.
  • Access free Google tools: Verification on Google My Business gives access to several free tools that allow businesses to monitor the performance of their website. They can also track customer reviews and respond quickly to any queries.

How to Get Google Verified

How to Get Google Verified

Getting your business verified on Google is simple, but it requires attention to detail and accuracy. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure that your business profile is correctly set up and verified on Google My Business:

Step 1: Create a Google Account for the Business

Create a Google account for the business using a domain name associated with the business email.

  • Visit
  • Click on “Sign In” 
  • Select “Create account”
  • Select “For work or my business” from the drop-down menu and follow the prompts to complete the account setup.

Step 2: Set Up a Business Profile With Accurate Information

To create a Business Profile associated with Google, visit and search the business name. If it appears in the search results with an address, a Business Profile is already associated with it, and you may proceed to the next step. If not, click the hamburger icon on the left side of the Search bar and select “Add your business.”

Then, provide information such as business name, category, address, delivery area, and website address. After entering the business’s mailing address, Google will send a notification to confirm account verification.

Step 3: Claim Your Business Profile by Verifying Ownership

Creating a Google My Business account doesn’t automatically connect it to your Business Profile, so you need to tell Google to connect them by verifying ownership. There are two methods to do this:

Method 1:

  • Go to and search for business name and location;
  • Select “Own this business” option
  • Select “Manage now” and follow the prompts.

Note: Log in with Google Account created for business

Method 2:

  • Go to Google Maps, type in your business name, and click on Profile.
  • Select “Claim this business”
  • Select “Manage now” and follow the prompts.

Note: Log in with Google Account created for business

Step 4: Verify Your Business Profile

Once you have claimed ownership of your business profile, you can verify it using various methods. These include phone or text, email, video recording, video call and postcards. The verification process is tailored to each business depending on the information contained in the initial profile and factors like region, category and industry of the business.

Google will send a code to be input into the Business Profile Manager to complete the verification process. For email verification, an address associated with the business domain is required, and for video verification, you may be asked to show different aspects of your business on video.

Once verified, you will have full control over the Business Profile and be able to make updates, customize profile information, as well as create posts.

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Business Profile

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Business Profile

Any business’s success depends on its visibility and credibility. Optimizing your Google My Business profile is a great way to ensure potential customers can easily find you and trust what they see. Here are the critical best practices to ensure your profile is as effective as possible.

Add High-quality Photos of Your Business

Adding high-quality photos of your business to your profile is essential for showcasing your offer. Choose photos that clearly show the exterior and interior and any products or services you offer. Make sure that the photos are current, high-resolution, and inviting.

Optimize Your Business Description With Relevant Keywords

When writing your business description, keywords are king. Think about what terms customers might use when searching for your business and include them in the description. Keywords should be relevant to the company and accurately describe what you offer. Use words that are commonly used in searches, such as local landmarks or popular areas.

You can find more key phrases and words to include in your description by using Google Trends or by doing keyword research on popular search engines. Additionally, ensure the description is concise and relevant and avoid excessive detail.

Encourage Customer Reviews and Respond Promptly

Customer reviews are an excellent way to build credibility and trust with potential customers. Encourage existing customers to review your business on Google My Business and other third-party review sites. It’s also essential to respond promptly to both good and bad customer reviews. This shows that you actively engage with customers and take their feedback seriously.

Lastly, it’s essential to monitor the reviews regularly so that you can quickly address any issues or complaints. Taking a proactive approach to customer reviews will help you maintain a positive reputation and ensure your customers are satisfied.

Keep Your Information Up to Date and Accurate

Have you ever visited a business only to find the phone number or address incorrect? This can be a frustrating experience for customers, so it’s essential to ensure that all your information is accurate and up-to-date. Regularly double-check your business hours, contact information, description, and website URL.

You should also take advantage of Google My Business’s features, such as adding holiday or seasonal hours. This will ensure that customers have the most up-to-date information about your business and can easily locate you when necessary. Taking the time to keep your information accurate and up-to-date will help you build trust with potential customers.

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Google Verification

Take Your Business to the Next Level With Google Verification

Google verification is necessary for businesses that want to boost their visibility, increase credibility with customers, and access free tools to improve their online presence. Through Google My Business, companies can create a verified profile with accurate business information.

The process involves creating a Google Account, signing up for a Google My Business account, claiming and verifying the business profile through various methods, optimizing the profile with high-quality photos and relevant keywords, and encouraging customer reviews. By following these steps, businesses can ensure that their information is accurately displayed on Google and take advantage of helpful tools to manage their online presence.

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, getting Google Verified is a powerful tool to help you reach your target market and establish yourself in the digital world. Start your journey today and unlock the potential of being verified by Google.