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SEO Demystified: Who Really Needs It?

SEO Demystified
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Amidst the digital race of competition, an online presence has become necessary for each business. The prime objective of any digital company is to target end customers when they need their services/products the most. A business can target potential customers with robust SEO strategies during the most demanding scenarios.

Now which industries need to implement SEO strategies? While all businesses reap benefits from strong SEO tactics, there are specified industries that can take advantage of search engine optimization to take their services/goods to newer heights.

Demystified below are the types of businesses that can improve scalability and profitability by implementing SEO. So, who uses SEO the most? Let’s highlight them one by one:

Most Common Industries that May Need SEO Strategies: Who Uses SEO the Most?

Most Common Industries that May Need SEO Strategies

1. eCommerce or Retail Sphere

Did you know a whopping 69% of digital shoppers look into the search bar while visiting an eCommerce site? Surprisingly 80% of them leave because of poor experience. That means the business can embrace SEO tactics to improve consumers’ experience. Search engine optimization helps a website rank on the search engines.

Regardless of what you are selling, SEO attracts leads and turns them into sales. Enlisted below are the top ways how SEO is important for any retail or e-commerce business:

  • Generates more leads by putting the business directly in front of prospects and offering more opportunities for sales
  • Improves the lead quality by pre-qualifying the leads
  • SEO increases clicks from individuals who are willing to buy products or services from you (so there’s a better chance of high sales & profit)
  • Of all marketing tactics, SEO has the highest ROI (so the results are long-term

2. Service & Repair Sector

A service or repair company can incorporate SEO strategies to improve its scalability. After all, a website is the driving force of a business that offers repair solutions or other services. As a local service company, you need to depend on different marketing tactics to make your operations successful.

Online marketing is one of them that recognizes and brings potential customers. Implementing local SEO strategies helps target your prospects. Local companies like the following can use SEO strategies to improve their business in the area:

  • Automobile repair companies
  • Home decorators
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Painters
  • Contractors
  • Remodelers and more

3. Startup Businesses

According to reports, 87% of shoppers start product searches on online channels before making a buying decision. So, what your prospect finds about your business on the Internet will have a great impact on their buying decision. As a startup, utilizing SEO tactics can benefit your company in the following ways:

  • It increases organic traffic by taking your website to the top of the search engine, allowing prospects to find you more speedily
  • SEO can improve brand awareness and offer long-lasting results
  • A decent strategy offers the right results without spending much on marketing, so it is a cost-effective approach for small businesses

So, besides improving digital visibility, SEO builds trust, customer connection, and credibility. You can leverage these strategies through user-friendly content, social media presence, and mobile optimization.

4. Medical Universe

Medical Universe

Did you know around 62% of smartphone owners use their devices to learn about a health condition? So, every business in this medical industry must acquire a digital presence to attract patients.

They can use relevant keywords that patients or their family members use to know about the medical condition. The healthcare industry should embrace SEO strategies due to the following reasons:

  • SEO strategies leverage content & off-site and on-site tools to improve website visibility
  • Since these tactics can drive traffic to your website, it brings in patients and visitors interested in your services
  • Keeping the website mobile-friendly targets local customers
  • Patients do not have to wait in the long queue 
  • Better user experience and content build trust in users who visit your website, thereby helping you outshine your competitors

So, whether you’re a medical practitioner or a diagnostic center, SEO can take your business to a greater notch.

5. Pet Care Businesses

A decade ago, search engines were so much as sophisticated as today. You could easily achieve top rankings by generating keyword-stuffed content. With improved algorithms, your need connections between your social media, website, and reviews. By working together, these elements attract customers and develop your business.

If you own a pet care online business, undermining the importance of SEO might be the biggest mistake. Professional pet businesses having a solid website can attract potential audiences. Using the alt text for every image assists website visitors with vision difficulties. Moreover, labeling your photo tells the search engine what your image is all about.

Enticing meta descriptions comprising two sentences increases the number of visitors who click through to the website. Also, reviews build the authenticity of your website by allowing your prospects to trust you. Businesses that offer local pet services can use social media platforms to let prospective customers find you easily.

6. Restaurants and Hotels

More than 90% of digital experiences start with the search engine. The same goes for the restaurant business. Every new restaurant dreams of witnessing a steady stream of customers walking inside their door.

With search engine optimization, your customers will be able to find information about your restaurant or hotel. Your hotel or restaurant business should create a keyword planning roadmap. While surveying the keywords, you need to break the targets into three types:

  • Niche keywords
  • High-content broad restaurant terms
  • Branded keywords

Leverage social media platforms to build brand identity and online presence. Also, appreciate reviews because they can increase the overall CTR or click-through rate. A hotel or restaurant website may have pages like a homepage, menu, booking services, about us, contact information, upcoming events, and a review page.

But if it does not feature a blog page, it might lose a chance to generate more traffic. With a blog section, the website can promote their forthcoming marketing campaigns.

7. Real Estate Businesses

Real Estate Businesses

Collaborating with an SEO professional helps real estate agents upscale their digital presence. A real estate business ranks higher in search engines with updated content and relevant keywords. The real estate industry gets immense digital attention from house seekers who wish to invest in a condo or apartment.

Regardless of whether you are a real estate agent for the company, SEO tactics can help you find the right customers. Local keywords for a city, town, or postcode can help you attract prospective buyers. Here are the top-notch services provided by an SEO company:

  • Content optimization for local searches
  • Creation of website content
  • Technical SEO audits & fixes
  • Competitive analysis
  • Building inbound or backlinks and more

8. Travel Industry

Half the number of people in the US spend less than a week deciding on a trip. With SEOs becoming a prerequisite, travel companies can acquire visibility on search engine result pages.

SEO’s prime objective is establishing a solid foundation for a well-crafted website with an effective and clean user experience. A tour operator should have a website with great landing pages to communicate with customers. Unnecessary information can restrict people from finding the relevancy of your business.

There should be proper homepage content that clarifies what you do and where you are based. Always give them enough information, but don’t share everything on the website. Otherwise, the customers may become confused. Other SEO elements that serve a travel business are meta descriptions and keywords.

Besides, one should not undermine the importance of local web pages, a blog section, and videos. Content should be unique and well-crafted. Generating quality backlinks will increase your business’s authenticity and credibility. With these benefits, tour operators can leverage SEO techniques and rank higher on the search engines.

9. Legal Professionals

With quality SEO tactics, there’s a better user experience. Now that UX has become every marketer’s priority, every industry wants better organic ranking and visibility. That goes evident even for legal professionals or law firms. Quality SEO incorporated in a legal company offers a positive user experience, thereby increasing brand awareness.

Calling SEO the best organic traffic generation strategy for law firms is not an exaggeration. Localized businesses require SEO to target users in a particular area. Note that most law firms serve clients within a specified city, state, or country. So they also need local SEO to remain competitive. By targeting local keywords, law firms may catch potential clients’ attention. Here’s breaking down the top benefits of SEO for law firms and legal professionals:

  • Outshining the local competition by improving the click-through to the website
  • Generating more phone calls via local listings
  • Driving organic traffic via high-quality localized content
  • Attracting high-volume traffic & leads
  • Collecting positive client reviews to enhance their digital reputation
  • Turning existing & new site traffic into potential leads
  • Solidifying a law firm as a reputable authority in the niche and more

10. SaaS and Online Service Companies

SaaS or software-as-a-service companies have emerged in popularity over the yesteryears due to their scalable and lucrative operations. SEO is integral as traditional marketing cannot serve a modern-day establishment considering marketing.

As a SaaS company, you need prospects on the website who want to try your services or products. Although your software may solve the problem of a business, how would you find your target audience online? That’s where SEO tactics play a significant role. Now, what is SEO for SaaS?

SEO for SaaS is a method where the software as a Service company intends to earn rankings for the website by increasing organic traffic. A solid SEO strategy guides new customers to a website and increases traffic exponentially via organic searches.

SEO assists in reducing cost-per-acquisition. Note that it is a metric used for measuring the cost to be paid during the marketing campaign. A robust strategy includes quality content creation to drive customers. When done right, SEO for SaaS helps in organic growth.

The Closure

That’s not the end of SEO benefits. There are other types of businesses that can acquire immense reputations with a strong SEO campaign, for example, the cosmetic industry, cryptocurrency, and more.

Today, incorporating quality and robust SEO on the brand’s website & digital properties benefits brands and marketing efforts.

Do you belong to any of these types of businesses? It is time to consider embracing SEO solutions for your business. Remember one thing: SEO has challenges but the opportunities it brings offer future-proof success to your business. So, if you want your company to flourish & increase sales, don’t hesitate to consult an SEO company at the earliest.