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Why SEO Might Be Better Than Google Ads for Your Business

Why SEO Might Be Better Than Google Ads for Your Business
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All businesses rely on effective marketing strategies for growth and expansion. Contemporary business marketing strategies focus more on digital marketing tricks than traditional modes. Technology has now become one of the most inalienable aspects of our lives.

For businesses, too, it plays a critical role. Now, search engine optimization or SEO and Google Ads are considered the two most effective ways to pull more organic traffic and enjoy higher revenues. Keeping the latest trends in mind, several tech nerds and market experts opine that SEO is often a more comprehensive and effective marketing tool than Google Ads.

The answer to the question, is SEO better than Google ads, is not a straightforward one. There remain several layers, pros, and cons to this discussion. Let’s unravel the reality step by step and begin with understanding the two processes distinctly.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the trusted methods of improving your business site’s ranking on SERPs. An SEO campaign combines multiple techniques, strategies, and practices to make your website URL appear on the top position of a result page.

The higher the website ranking the better the chances that your customers will find you online. According to research, almost 55% of the total customers who use a certain keyword for organic search end up clicking only the top 3 URLs.

This is more than half of the crowd you are aiming at. More importantly, only an insignificant portion of this crowd ever goes to the second page of the search result. Therefore, as a business owner, you can understand the necessity of staying on the first page and within the first three options.

Given the soaring competition in the market, securing this high position is not an easy task. Here comes the importance of SEO strategies that help you secure this place with the help of content marketing, keyword research, and backlinking.

Digital marketing experts who specialize in SEO skills focus on framing the content in a stylish, catchy, and easy-to-read way. On the other hand, the experts also spend enough time looking for the most effective keywords for certain products and services so that whenever a customer searches with those words, your business website appears at the top.

Understanding Google Ads

Understanding Google Ads

Now that you have an idea about what SEO can do for your business, let’s dive deeper into the depths of Google Ads. Conversion rates remain a significant parameter for any business owner for gauging the growth and spread of the business. 

When conversion goes up, it brings in more revenue streams, which, in turn, opens more opportunities. Therefore, entrepreneurs look for marketing strategies capable of ensuring higher sales volume. Display Ads have always been an excellent way to draw the attention of prospective customers. 

Google Ads refers to a wide variety of Ads that play when you search with a particular keyword. Sometimes, when the search engine result pages take the customers to a certain page, ads pop up and play. This is a typical way of introducing a brand and its products to a specific target audience which Google Ads do. 

However, the number of times the ads will be shown depends on several factors. Additionally, using Google Ads does not nullify the requirement of SEO. In fact, a clever combination of the two remains more beneficial for any business.

Is SEO Better Than Google Ads?

Now that you have gathered an overview of both strategies, let’s get into the discussion of which one is the better. Like all other marketing methods, both SEO and Google ads come with their unique set of pros and cons. The following are a few of those that come with these alternatives.

Advantages of SEO

  • SEO strategies provide users with excellent long-run success solutions related to landing page ranking.
  • One of the ways to get more organic traffic remains SEO. This method also leads to higher engagement and conversion rates
  • Another advantage of choosing SEO remains that you do not have to augment your marketing expenditure by paying for every click. 
  • Customers rely on SEO-backed websites more than Google Ads-reliant ones. 
  • Optimized sites always find their way up the ranking ladder in Google 

Shortcomings of SEO

  • SEO indeed improves the search engine landing page rank of your business but it takes time. You need to stay patient for at least 3-6 months to get the right reflection.
  • SEO is not a one-time work. You need to improvise and recreate the SEO strategies regularly to stay stuck to a high rank. 
  • Google Ads offers instant results which the SEO tools lack.

Advantages of Google Ads

  • Opting for Google Ads can help you secure a high rank (within the top 5) on SERPs. This means the target audience will most likely visit your page regularly. If you have an optimized page in place, the traffic will stay glued and the conversion rates will improve.  
  • This method also helps in accurate local targeting based on zip codes. Therefore, business owners do not have to beat around the bushes looking for the exact locality where they should direct their SEO efforts. 
  • If you wish to show one or a few keywords and phrases for a certain time every day, Google Ads can help you organize the same.  
  • Google Ads can also direct your customers to a certain website page you wish your customers to visit. 
  • The analytics associated with Google Ads help a business owner track leads and conversion percentages more accurately. 
  • With the Google Ads tools, businesses can create a tailor-made list of remarketing for display ads showing

Shortcomings of Google Ads

  • Google Ads might not be as effective as a long-term success solution 
  • Compared to SEO, this paid option turns out to be more expensive 
  • Google Ads feature one website/domain for every account
  • The Ads bear the “Ads” which often become a source of repellence

SEO or Google Ads

SEO or Google Ads

Now, the question still remains, is SEO better than Google Ads? Given the equal number of pros and cons associated with both strategies, choosing one over another could be a challenging task. However, if you consider the pros and cons carefully, you will notice an underlying pattern of complementarities.

In simple words, things that Google Ads fail to achieve, SEO secures effortlessly and vice-versa.  For instance, businesses looking for long-term solutions might find SEO a better choice at any time. But, some amount of immediate response always keeps the spirits up. This is where Google Ads can be more effective.

SEO and Google Ads remain the two most effective marketing solutions. Online business platforms need to keep a wide variety of audiences and sources in mind. A steady stream of target customers comes from social media channels while some access the direct website links more often. A single-dimensional marketing strategy might not be adequate for tapping such a multi-dimensional customer base.

This is why experts recommend combining several marketing strategies in varying proportions from time to time. Market conditions and external economic factors can be another set of influencers here. The global market takes turns almost regularly.

Therefore the most effective business stunts of today often become entirely ineffective within a few days once the market conditions change. Therefore, relying on a single marketing strategy might be inadequate to keep your business insulated against any economic instability.

Additionally, customers like surprises and when you become monotonous with our marketing approach, other brands take over. To keep your loyal audience engaged and curious about your product line, offers, and more, you need to come up with fresh ideas to captivate their attention.

The Conclusion

In the end, the answer to this much-relevant question is SEO better than Google Ads, which turns out to be neutral. For effective marketing, the wisest choice would be combining both tools to enjoy their advantages which are often complementary in nature. This way, you can witness some immediate results with continued improvements.

Moreover, relying on Google Ads alone can be taxing for your business finances. SEO can help you balance the expenditure portion without compromising any of the growth objectives.

However, as business owners, you have to be careful about the quality and relevance of your content to make the marketing campaigns effective. Discussing your business goals with expert digital marketing professionals can be a smart way of integrating the best strategies for long-term prosperity.